Sell Catalytic Converters

Evaluation district junkyards provided you would passion to sell used catalytic converters.

Catalytic converters are certain pieces of Accoutrement that are initiate on most combustion engines. The service of a catalytic converter is to diminish the poisonous emissions from engines. They are used most commonly in vehicles, however are extremely construct in generators, airplanes and forklifts. Advertise your product online, in local trade papers and in classified ads. List the specific models of catalytic converters that you currently have and also list the models that you know you can acquire if requested.4. Offer a bargain price.

Appointment district junk yards and hunt for whether you can shop for used catalytic converters that hog been removed or that you can remove from any vehicles that much include them. Alternatively, shop for catalytic converters in Mass amounts from Car parts stores and warehouses for a discounted bill.

2. Disinfected any used catalytic converters at least a little, if necessary, before offering them for sale. While you may not want to completely restore the used catalytic converters, wiping off any grease and mud that has accumulated will make it easier to sell them. If you do wish to restore them to a moderately clean appearance, gently brush the debris off with a wire brush and then sand the rust from the outside.

3. Owing to catalytic converters are widely used, it is relatively effortless to treasure trove a customer replica and bring about selling catalytic converters.


1. Invest in a doozer bigness of catalytic converters.

Check local auto parts stores and make sure that your prices for catalytic converters are well below what they sell their new converters for and slightly less than what they sell their used catalytic converters for.

5. Deliver a quality product every time. Nothing will destroy a business opportunity quicker than a bad reputation. Offer to help your customers in every way possible. If a customer has a complaint, do everything you can to fix the problem. Deliver a refund and offer a replacement if one of your converters malfunctions.