Replace Wind shields

Owing to windshields are obviously such an integral deed on a van, it is crucial to change them properly. Not all van manufacturers fabricate their windshields the duplicate pathway; the procedures vary according to the Trade-mark and construct of the car. However In spite of that, the basic advance of removing a windscreen generally remains allied across brands.


1. Appropriate off the plastic surround and carefully remove the top mouldings. They are held in deposit with inconsiderable plastic clips. These clips are custom mythical to the pattern of the vehicle. Bring about undeniable that the clips are not damaged while removing them.

2. Incision terminated the urethane seal. The glass and the pinchweld are padded in between by urethane. Use sandpaper to remove the rust on the pinchweld and apply primer. Primer should match the urethane adhesive that you plan to use.4. A safer method is to chop it from inside. This requires a razor knife with extended handle. It is preferable to use power cutters. But a cook's knife can accomplish the same task, albeit at the cost of time.

3. Take a common razor blade and saw off the excess urethane. This doesn't need to be more than 3mm thick. Urethane is extremely strong. The existing urethane padding needs to be cut off; either from outside or inside. If there isn't enough space between the glass and the pinchweld, the blade will not slip through it properly, possibly causing it to break.

Clean the old urethane so that the new layer will stick onto it properly. Use an electric caulking gun to apply the new layer of urethane to receive a consistent bead.

5. Place the windshield carefully. Align it properly, without any extra gap between the glass and the pinchweld.