Replace Saturn Rear Brake Pads

The Saturn contour of automobiles is manufactured with rear disk brakes which cover routine continuation parts that must be replaced at usual intervals. Change the pads on the caliper pistons by pulling an dated pad free ride, then positioning a fashionable one in its lay. The pads are not normally clipped or connected to the caliper piston. Quickly slide the caliper back onto the rotor, and don't own the caliper pistons to shut besides all the more or they could be difficult to press back into place.5.

Up thrust the Saturn onto the jack stands with the floor jack, placing the jack stands solidly onto the frame rails.

2. Remove both rear wheels by turning their lug nuts counterclockwise, then setting the wheels and tires gone from the vehicle.

3. Remove the two rear caliper bolts by turning them in a counterclockwise order. The caliper Testament slide off of the rotor, or can be lightly pried off with a screwdriver.

4. The rear disk brake pads carry a friction news that can wear down after 20,000 to 30,000 miles, and Testament create a blaring squealing sound when they are behind of their lifespan. The principles backyard mechanic can change the rear pads on a Saturn in approximately an generation.



Replace the caliper's rear mount bolts, turning them clockwise.

6. Bleed the caliper and brake lines by turning the caliper nipple counterclockwise, then adding more brake fluid to the master cylinder (in the engine compartment) while pressing the brake pedal. Close the nipple in a clockwise direction when the air is purged from the line.

7. Repeat Steps 3 through 6 for the opposite brake pads.

8. Replace the wheels by turning their lug nuts clockwise, in an alternating pattern. Lower the Saturn from the jack stands.