Replace Exhaust Studs On The Volkswagen

The exhaust studs on a Volkswagen are quite dense to remove. While the evolution itself is manageable, it takes an incredible bigness of physical power to remove the studs. The exhaust studs clutch cool the diverse components of the exhaust. On the contrary, owing to the exhaust manner becomes correct close while the vehicle is lifetime driven, the studs tend to expand. When the vehicle is off, the studs nippy down. This constant heating and cooling makes it difficult to remove and replace them.


1. Spray the bolt heads with penetrating oil. Make sure you spray the entire side of the bolt heads very. You want the penetrating oil to seep down past the bolt heads and into the threads of the bolts.

2. Wait 20 minutes, then repeat Step 1.

3. Place a socket wrench over the end of a bolt head.

4. This may be difficult, as the bolt studs have a tendency to grab in the mounting holes.6. Thread the new exhaust studs into the exhaust components you are connecting, and tighten them.

Slide a break-over bar over the end of the socket wrench handle.5. Turn each bolt counterclockwise to remove.