Replace A Car Starter

The starter meeting for an car is a relatively easy devise that can aim a host of problems. Provided the starter gear does not turn, neither Testament the engine when the ignition switch is busy. Other problems constitute a starter that turns on the other hand does not turn the engine, or a starter that turns the engine as well slowly to begin. Thankfully, replacing a starter is a relatively straightforward growth. Chase the steps below to convert an Car starter.


1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal with a wrench. The con battery terminal Testament compass a "---" hard by to the colorless announce.

2. Elevate the van with a suitable jack and cornerstone the vehicle by jack stands sufficient to safely abutment the vehicle.

3. Place the starter underneath the vehicle, between the engine and the transmission. Most starters double o like a coffee can.

Secure the starter in place with the two bolts that were removed in step 5.9. Connect the starter cable at the starter cable terminal.10.

Remove the flywheel housing-to-starter bolts that hold the starter in place with a wrench. There are usually two of these bolts.

6. Pull the starter out of its housing to remove it.

7. Install the starter by first positioning the starter to the flywheel housing that the old starter was removed from.

8.4. Disconnect the starter cable at the starter cable terminal by turning the nut that secures the cable to the cable terminal in a counterclockwise direction. This terminal is located on the side of the starter itself.5.

Connect the negative battery cable to the negative battery terminal located in step 1.