Repair Vehicle Hail Dents

Remove awful dents caused by hail storms.

2. Reposition the vehicle speedy to an electrical outlet. If this is not possible, use an electrical extension cord that is long enough to arrive your vehicle. It requires a meagre Common tools, a can or two of pressurized air, and a bit of hasty dexterity.


1. Thoroughly Disinfected and dry the dented areas. You can appropriateness a commercial vehicle cleanser or you can handle melting douse and a benign abstergent. Wet a cleaning cloth into the cleaning sense, scrub the globe, then dry it with a paper towel. Grant the world to air dry for scarce moments to guard it is completely dry.

When hail falls, anything in its street can be significantly damaged including vehicles, houses and still mortals. Vehicles that suffer hail damage Frequently posses dents in the vehicle oppose. Getting these damages repaired can worth appreciable amounts of cash. On the contrary, the vehicle owner can remove the dents himself and avoid the Journey to the Car intent specialist altogether.

3. Grab your hair dryer and can of pressurized air. Keep both items close to you, as you will need to work as quickly as possible to remove the dent.

4. Turn the hair dryer on its highest setting and point it toward the center of the dent. Keep the heat on the spot for a minimum of 3 minutes to ensure that the metal gets really hot.

5. Turn off the hair dryer, set it aside, and grab the can of pressurized air. Hold the can upside-down and blow the air directly onto the heated dent for about 30 seconds. Holding it this way will cause the can to eject cold, liquid carbon dioxide. When the liquid carbon dioxide hits the hot dent, it causes the dent to constrict and pop out. Once the dent pops out completely, stop applying the air. Wipe any residue off with a piece of cloth.