Repair Rusted Body Sections

Item panel repair restores your machine's appearance.

Clean the body panel using soap or car washing detergent and water to remove paint chips and dirt. Allow the body panel to dry completely.6.

Remove rust chips, scales and whitewash flakes on the rusted entity panel. Custom a scraper, putty cutlass or flathead screwdriver to scrape off loose rust on the entity panel.

2. Cut-out the panel areas that posses rusted complete on both sides to remove metal that has rotted out. Benefit Tinplate snips, a drill or a coarse data to remove approximately 1/8 to ¼ inch of the metal environing the rusted-through chunk.

3. Disinfected the exposed metal areas. Cause a wire brush or 60- to 80-grit sandpaper to scrape the solid metal down to a rust-free shiny metal appearance.

4. Sand the surface surrounding this rust-free field by feathering. This funds sand the instant field down to the primer, then fanning gone, sand lone down to the paint and then further out only slightly scuff the gel coat. Use 150- to 220-grit sandpaper and smooth out into the surrounding unaffected panel. Sanding ensures you attain a solid bare metal and not metal over rust.

5.You can repair rusted object panels on your vehivle by hiring the services of an Car repair technician or conclude the repair chore yourself. When repairing the target panel yourself, Disinfected the surface of the machine prior to other tasks conforming patching rust holes and portray the entity panel. Cleaning the surface of the motorcar during reason panel repair works entails removing all rust on the panel thing.



Read the manufacture's instructions on the package of the body filler kit you will use to patch rust holes on the body panel. A common body filler kit is a fiberglass patch kit.

7. Patch rust holes starting from the inside of the panel following the instructions on the fiberglass patch kit. Normally there is little surface preparation involved apart from cleaning the surface with a suitable solvent like alcohol.

8. Allow time for the body filler to cure, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

9. Apply a paint-over-rust primer coat and complete initial body panel rust repair.