Repair An Exhaust

Many exhaust systems problems can be repaired Homewards.

Due to environmental and workable factors, automotive exhaust systems degrade over era and may depend upon repair. While some elements of an exhaust are expensive and challenging or impossible to repair on your own, many universal exhaust problems can be easily and effectively repaired by a shop or owner.


1. Up thrust the vehicle on jack stands, using a hydraulic jack. Disconnect the denying terminal on the battery (always a defended precaution when working on a automobile).

2. Contemplate the exhaust to determinate the failure speck once the vehicle is on jack stands. Build confident the exhaust is chill as once an exhaust warms up, it may mask a leak. Appliance a bottle of soapy baptize whether needed to guidance boast a leak. Spray down a suspected nature liberally and pocket watch to clock bubbles or other signs of escaping Gauze.

3. Remove the exhaust manifold provided you devise that it is leaking. Provided there is a crack in the manifold, it should be replaced, or taken to an exhaust shop to be repaired. Whether the gasket is burnt or torn, then alter with a different gasket and re-install.4. Patch the muffler with an exhaust patch kit if you discover that the muffler has been damaged. Spray down the bolts connecting the exhaust manifold with penetrating oil and own to sit for at least 20 minutes. Remove the bolts connecting the exhaust manifold to the downstream exhaust drainpipe or catalytic converter. Then remove the bolts connecting the manifold to the engine block. Once removed examine the manifold for leaks.

Patch kits typically will be a metal tape with an adhesive backing that can be applied directly over the damaged section.

5. Broken hangers can be repaired if a broken hanger is causing the exhaust to hang or drag. An exhaust shop can repair the broken hanger, or you can use a generic exhaust clamp kit that will clamp around the exhaust pipe and thus support the muffler.