Remove Seats In Dodge Caravans

Remove Seats in Dodge Caravans

The Camper has been one of the longstanding staples in the vehicle lineup for Dodge. Ended senility of refinements, mould updates and technological improvements, this minivan retains its term as one of the easiest, most trustworthy vehicles for families. New representation age hold featured the introduction of the Stow 'n Potency development, a individual seat-removal act that allows for quickly transforming the vehicles from a passenger-focused arrangement to one that is prototype for hauling. Removing the seats from the interior cabin in these models is remarkable little to arrange still without avail.


1. Remove any objects or debris from the cabin. These can impede the formation and further can roll approximately dangerously in the cabin once the seats corner been removed.

2. Sincere the tailgate and access the rear bench from at the end. Fold the bench back down completely by pulling the lever on the left side of the bench. Pull up the carpeted floorboard directly extreme the bench seat.

3. Locate the black strap on the backside of the bench. It is attached at the joint where the base of the bench back meets the bench seat. Use this strap to pull up and toward your body; this will engage the track system specially designed to usher the seat into place. Continue pulling slowly and follow the natural movement of the seat into the compartment beneath the carpeted floorboard. Once it is inside, set the floorboard back in place.

4. Open the side door completely. On either side of the captain's chairs nearest the side doors, you'll find a reclining lever next to the chair seat. Pull this lever to fold the seat back all the way forward. It will follow the specially designed track just like the rear bench. Stow all the way in the compartment and replace the floorboard. Release the lever and then pull up the floorboard directly in front of the chair. Find the release latch on the back of the captain's chair; this, too, will be located at the joint between the bottom of the seat back and the rear of the chair seat. Pull this latch and rock the chair forward.