Remove A Rear View Mirror

Removing a rear landscape mirror from a motorcar windscreen is a no problem manner which may be compelling since of damage caused by an accident or an ancient mirror showing unattractive signs of wear and tear. Once the full of years rear view mirror has been removed, a recent rear view mirror can be installed.


1. Place the end where the mirror itself attaches to the mannequin of the rear look mirror. You Testament gaze a cramped screw with a hexagon-shaped socket in it.

2. This hole contains a tab which needs to be pressed down in order to slide the base of the mirror off of the windshield.5. Take the small screwdriver and insert it into the hole in the base. Press down firmly with the screwdriver and slide the mirror up off of the base.

Pull the mirror off of the base once the screw has been removed.

4. Locate the small hole located at the bottom of the base. Convenience an Allen chief to remove the screw while holding onto the mirror with the other artisan. The amount of Allen answer fundamental for this engagement Testament vary depending upon the replica of your car. Fortunately, Allen keys are usually sold in sets, so the set you have should include a key that will fit this screw.3.

6. Use a razor blade to carefully remove the small piece of the mirror base left on the windshield. This piece is held in place by adhesive and will need to be scraped off.