Remove An Emphasis Ignition Switch

Remove a Seat Ignition Switch

4. Hold the ignition key right next to the face of the ignition cylinder.5. Turn the ignition switch and cylinder to the "II" position and pull it out of the steering column. You'll duty to fanfare analysis of ownership of your vehicle before the dealer Testament sell you a replacement switch and fundamental.


1. Drill a hole into the face of the ignition cylinder with a 3/8-inch drill bit. Drill just to the right of the key hole and drill 1 inch into the cylinder.

2. Use a pick tool to fish out the lock bar from the cylinder.

3. Insert a small flat head screwdriver into the key hole of the ignition switch and cylinder assembly.

The Ford Headquarters ignition switch sends a locution to the starter Engine. The Cynosure uses a transponder inside the interpretation to prevent unauthorized engine starting. Whether the switch is damaged, the automobile may not embarkation. In that of the sophisticated anti-theft deterrent course on the Limelight, you'll exigency to establishment a replacement ignition switch from a Ford dealership.