Remove Door Sections From The 1999 Ford Expedition

Door panel

1. Set the trim panels that dissemble the trim fasteners and remove the panels using the gratuity of the pocket screwdriver. Be careful not to pry extremely compact, as you can easily gouge the surrounding plastic.

The 1999 Ford Expedition was available in various trim letter, including the XL, the XLT and the premium Eddie Bauer. No incident which trim packet your Expedition has, there may come a epoch when you demand to remove the door panel to access the inner workings of the door, such as the window regulator, window Engine, door fastening and lock mechanism. When the day comes to conclude so, arm yourself with the Correct tools and part your chronology removing the door panel so you bring about not damage it.


2. Remove the fasteners using the socket establish. Depending on your trim packet, there should be one or two near the door operate and surrounding universe.

3. Slip the trim pin Emigration thing under the trailing borderline of the door panel and pry the early trim pin gone of its seat in the door. Once the ahead pin is elsewhere, carefully pull the line of the door panel away until you can establish the next trim pin and unseat it. Repeat this until all the trim pins have been unseated form the door. You can purchase a trim pin removal tool at most automotive parts retailers or through local professional tool vendors for less than $20.

4. Lift the door panel up and away from the door roughly three inches so that you can reach in and disconnect any wiring harnesses going from the door to the power lock and power window switches, if your Expedition is so equipped. Once the wiring is disconnected, carefully move the door panel away from the door and set it someplace safe until you are ready to reinstall it.

5. Reinstall by reversing the removal procedure.