Remove Ceramic From The Damaged Spark Plug

Glimmer plug extractors remove broken plugs from an engine.

Glimmer plugs cause up carbon deposits from the internal combustion in the engine that can build the threads sieze when you slap to remove them. A spark plug wrench fits over the top of a plug to remove it. When plugs sieze, the wrench turns and breaks off the ceramic top while the threads are even intact. Glimmer plug extractors accept teeth that procedure outward to contact the sides of the plug and place force on them to remove broken plugs.

Remit the oil to sit according to the carton instructions. Normally, the oil needs approximately 20 minutes to thoroughly soak into the threads.2. Levy a Glimmer plug extractor into the center of the broken spark plug.


1. Spray the broken spark plug approximately the threads liberally with penetrating oil.

If your extractor is the drill-bit type, insert the bit into a drill.

3. Turn a manual extractor slowly counterclockwise while pushing down on the spark plug with force. Place the drill-bit type in the center of the spark plug, turn the drill to reverse and turn the drill on. The broken portion will release in the threads and come out of the engine.