Remove A 1967 Camaro Car windows Wiper Arm

The windscreen wipers on older cars did not fact plastic bushings, as did the sequential models. They used a ball-and-socket arrangement that was really more select and exceeding trustworthy in the distant amble. As far-off as the ball and socket are lubricated, they should favor favorable function. This article Testament disclose remove and assistance all the discipline arms and adjust the wiper arms.


1. Remove the windshield-wiper arms and blades. Cover a flathead screwdriver under the arm at the mannequin. Push up on the tab, occupancy the arm straight and pry it off.

2. Lift the hood and remove the screws from the cowl. The cowl conceals the wiper mechanism. The arms include a depression in the neb for the ball, and benefit a top cap with a depression. The top cap too houses the contrary half of the ball. The top cap is held on with two 3/8-inch bolts.

3. Remove the wiper gear mechanisms to cush access to the wiper arms. To do so, simply turn the key and turn the wipers on and then off; this will "park" the arm. Install the remaining arm in the wiper motor.6.

Dominance the arms accelerated in sync and extract the plentiful assembly through the access hole. Remove the bolts on the control-arm ends. Clean and grease the ball and housing. Reinstall the cap and tighten.

5. Install the arm assembly in the access panel, reinstall the wiper gears and tighten the bolts. Before the wiper motor arm can be attached, the motor should be set to the "park" position. Takings absent the two 3/8-inch bolts that secure them in situate. Remove the two bolts from the cusp of the wiper arm, where it is attached to the wiper Engine.4.

Install the cowl. Install the wiper arms and blades by locating them 1 inch above the bottom window molding. The bottom of the arm is spring-loaded and houses the splines; hold it level and push the arm straight down onto the gear until it snaps in place.