Public Auction Information

A public auction is a country where bidders get-up-and-go to get or sell Belongings. An Odd that has defaulted on a Belongings loan may extremely tender on her merchandise, however the winner is the highest bidder. Common auctions and are offered online.

Types Of Public Auctions

There are all types of merchandise sold at a public auction.When bidding, there is a time frame in which the bidder must claim the merchandise he bid on. requires a deposit on items the day the bid was placed, and the balance to be paid in full by 5 p.m. the next day.


With public auctions, the bidder should be warned that some property is auctioned off as is. For instance, the General Service Administration allows a bidder to inspect automobiles before bidding, but the car may not be driven, whereas other auctions have a test drive time period before the auction begins.


The auctioneer announces every detail that is known about the vehicle before the bidding begins, whether the details about the merchandise is good or bad.

Time Frame

These include cars, boats, homes, clothing, jewelry, office equipments and machines, televisions and other goods.


A public auction typically auctions off goods and merchandise that are in surplus, including items that have been confiscated by authorities or repossessed by creditors.