Place A Car'S Antilock Brake Control Module

Anti-lock brakes can accession a machine's safety. Follow the wires until you find a small box tucked into the car's frame. You may need to use a flashlight, depending on the model of the car. This box will have several wires running from it.

Accommodation your motorcar on a hydraulic lift. Uplift it colossal Sufficiently that you can shop for underneath.

2. Allot the motorcar's rear axle. The control module for the anti-lock brake system is located near the rear axle on most models of car. You'll know you have found the rear axle when you see a tube running from wheel to wheel in the rear of your car.

3. Look behind each wheel on the right and left and locate the brake system. The brakes will be directly linked between the axle and the wheel and normally consist of a metallic disc and a clamping system.

4. Find the wiring that runs from the brakes. You'll also see your car's brakeline running out of the brakes. You will know the anti-lock brake wires because they will be thin electrical wiring, not plastic tubing.

5. When your Car begins to skid due to flood or solidify, this onboard machine sends a term to the wheels to spin slightly. The brains of this manner are the curb module, which regulates how all the more Everyone turn spins during braking.