Open The Dash On The Gmc Sierra

The dashboard of the GMC Sierra houses assorted of the Motor lorry's electrical devices such as the stereo development, the gauge Swarm, the HVAC unit, and the heater core. The kick-panels are the comprehensive plastic panels constitute below the Chauffeur's side and passenger's side of the dashboard. Simply pull off the kick-panels to remove them. This will reveal two screws on each side.3.


1. Grounds the Sierra and turn off the engine. Airy the vehicle's hood and, using a socket wrench, manually disconnect the cynical battery terminal in categorization to disengage the Sierra's airbags. Wait fifteen minutes.

2. Remove both kick-panels from the interior of the vehicle. Performing prolongation or replacing any of those components requires you to remove the dashboard from your Sierra. Thankfully, the Emigration system is incredibly mild. The dashboard is held in domicile by a sporadic screws and once you remove those screws you can simply pry the dashboard away of the vehicle.

Remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Once you remove the screws, you can slowly begin pulling the dashboard off the Sierra. Be careful not to break the dash as you pull it off the vehicle. On some models of the GMC Sierra, the dashboard has several clips that secure the dashboard to the vehicle. These clips should pop out as you pull off the dashboard. If you are worried about breaking the clips, you may remove them with a slotted screwdriver.