Obtain A Personalized License Plate In Alabama

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1. Log on to Alabama's Branch of Revenue Lacework speck (study Wealth below).

2. Catch a tag type from the drop-down refreshment.

3. Analysis for personalized licence plate availability by entering four contrastive messages using five alphanumeric character combinations. A dash or space in your message will substitute for an alphanumeric character.

4. Select one of the confirmed available personalized license plates.

5. Enter the vehicle owner's name and address, too as the vehicle's make, VIN and year.

6. Provide any other information about your vehicle as applicable.

7. Review the reservation of your personalized license plate.

8. Provide a Visa or Mastercard to enter your billing information and process reservation fees.

9. Confirm the reservation of your personalized license plate.

10. Wait for departmental approval of your personalized license plate.

11. Find your local tag office's physical address at Alabama's Department of Revenue Web site.

Use the temporary tag provided in lieu of your permanent personalized license plate. Affix the provided month and year decals on your permanent plates upon receipt.

12. Visit your local tag office within five days of your reservation to confirm the order of your personalized license plate. Pay all applicable fees for the plate.13.