Mix Auto Fresh paint

Mingle Auto Paint

Mixing Car emulsion can abbreviate the eminent fee by extending the stain. Adding a reducer Testament completion in thinner whitewash, however it Testament drudge Enough to emulsion any car. The development outlined in this article Testament exposition you properly mix auto paint for use on small or large painting jobs. It is designed to be used with a spray gun for applying the mixed paint.


1. Purchase auto paint that most closely matches the color of your vehicle. If you know the specific color, go to the auto paint store and request the color.

2. Pour the auto paint into the metal mixing can. Estimate the amount needed.4. Combine the mixture thoroughly with the paint stirrer. The paint must be completely mixed with the reducer before moving forward.

Remember it's better to make too little rather than too much.3. Mix in an equal amount of reducer. If you are using 12 ounces of auto paint, For instance, you'll mix in 12 ounces of reducer.

5. Use a funnel to pour the mixed auto paint into a paint gun. You're now ready to paint the vehicle. Mix more paint if needed to refill the gun and complete the job.