Make Use Of An Air Gravity Spray Gun

A gravity-fed spray gun is powered by an air compressor.

Gravity-fed spray Accoutrement produces a pleasant stain Stop in minimal generation with an efficient advantage of materials. Using a recent air gravity tint spray gun is a parcel allying using an older siphon-style gun. Most gravity-fed spray guns are of the alpine book, low power (HVLP) departure. HVLP guns propel at lower air pressures than conventional spray equipment, resulting in augmented efficient whitewash transfer.


1. Fill the spray gun with whitewash while propping the gun on the stand, provided one is if. Accommodation a strainer above the gloss Mug and pour the gloss ended the strainer into the Mug. Abode the lid on the dye Mug.

2. Connect the air hose to the spray gun. Adjust the air energy at the compressor to 25 to 50 psi. The exact coercion requirement depends upon the model of the spray gun, the viscosity of the emulsion and the size of the spray cap.

3. Adjust the gun's spray pattern by turning the spray cap (on the front of the gun) to adjust for a vertical or horizontal spray pattern. Clean the gun by spraying the appropriate solvent or thinner through the gun. Continue spraying thinner through the gun until it comes out clear.

Paint using steady strokes, keeping the tip of the gun 8 to 15 inches from the surface. Your distance should be closer for HVLP guns and further away when using conventional units. Sweep the gun from one end of the surface to the other, then overlap each pass by 50 percent.

5. The knob on the side of the gun adjusts the width of the spray pattern. Turn the knob on the back of the gun counterclockwise to let more paint flow or turn it clockwise for a lower flow. The knob at the base of the gun controls the gun's airflow.4.