Low Ride A Classic School Impala Cadillac Or Buick (6079)

San Francisco's Lombard Street

Back in the age I capitalization to Low Coerce Impala's, Cadillac's and decent approximately any other 60's or 70's Regular Motors motorcar I could bias my hands on. Dropping a extensive motorcar to the ground was not peerless merry, however facile besides.


1.3. Place your blocks under you cars bumper about 3-4 inches higher then the height that you want to drop you car to.4.

Antecedent decide how low you thirst for to hardihood. Inquire yourself are you going to change your wheels in the near future or are you going to be riding around town with a car load of friends.2. Find a very flat and level parking lot or driveway to place you car on that is away from traffic.

Now take your propane torch and heat the middle coils or your coils springs until your car "drops" on to the blocks. Repeat for each corner until you car is sitting on the blocks.

5. Allow the coil spring to fully cool before pulling out the blocks.

6. Bam, you're done! Low Rider!