Lift A Jeep Body

Provided you hankering to add a immature heighth under your Jeep To admit for and tire clearance or peregrination, a thing lift is a appropriate economical course to bring about it. The kits that are available Testament consign you all the parts you desideratum, and you can intact the project in a infrequent hours Homewards. There are lift kits available with polyurethane mounts that exchange your rubber ones, further as the average implements with a plastic lift block that sits on top of your workshop mounts. You can shop for both styles at most Car parts stores or a four circle impel speciality shop.


1. Disconnect the refusal battery cable from the battery with a socket and ratchet or wrench before starting the reason lift on your Jeep. Levy the cable in a spot that Testament enjoy it loney from the battery while you business.

2. Place and remove the four mounting bolts from the radiator fan shroud with a socket and ratchet. There are two on Everyone side and they flight down the string, one above the other.

3. Loosen the eleven item mount bolts under the reason of your Jeep with a socket and breaker bar, however achieve not remove them all the more. There is 1 under the grill, 3 down Everyone side, 2 between the rear tires and ethical in front of the Gauze receptacle, and 2 on the rear corners of the Jeep.

4. Situate a jack under the Chauffeur's side of the Jeep, dependable under the body. Position a piece of 2x4 or 4x4 between the jack and the body to protect the body from damage.

5. Locate the radiator supports under the outer corners of the grill. Remove them from the Jeep by pulling them straight down and off the body. Install the new longer mounts by pushing them into place.10.

Install the new, longer body mount bolts into the mounts on the driver's side of the Jeep. Once you have completed all five bolts on the driver's side, move to the passenger's side of the Jeep and repeat this step on those mounts.

7. Install the body lift block on top of the body mount located under the center of the grill, then insert the new longer body mount bolts. Torque all the body mount bolts to the manufacturer's specifications using a socket and torque wrench.

8. Measure up one inch from the mounting holes on the radiator fan shroud and drill new holes with a power drill. Reinstall the shroud on the radiator using the four mounting bolts that your removed earlier. Tighten the bolts with a socket and ratchet until secure.

9. Remove the body mount bolts on the driver's side of the Jeep with a socket and ratchet or wrench.. Lift the driver's side of the Jeep body with the jack until you can slide the lift blocks between the factory body mount and the body of the Jeep.6.

Reattach the cables to the battery of your Jeep and tighten them with a wrench. You can now test drive your Jeep.