Learn Paintless Dent Removal

Preserve the appearance of your vehivle by removing frightful dents.

Paintless dent repair fixes damage to a machine's exterior without altering its texture or colour. This money avoids the steps of drilling, filling and retouching of traditional dent Emigration. Removing dents Homewards can be done with a can of compressed air and a hairdryer. Doing it yourself eliminates the forthcoming of costly repair grind.


1. Practice cleaner to thoroughly Disinfected the dent and surrounding universe. Place your hair dryer nearby and plug it in. Have your can of compressed air nearby also.3.

Sponge dry with a Disinfected towel or cloth.2. Prepare your grindstone sphere. Assemble decided that you include an accessible force Issue and arena your car near it. You may have to use an extension cord.

Turn on the hair dryer to its highest setting. Apply heat to the dent with small, circular motions. To ensure that the metal gets sufficiently hot, apply heat for at least three to five minutes.

4. Tun off the hair dryer. Turn the can of compressed air upside down before spraying it, which will cause carbon dioxide to be released as a liquid rather than air. The carbon dioxide's extremely cold temperature will react with the metal. This will cause the metal to contract, making it flexible. Spray the dent until it pops out, which usually takes about 20 seconds. Of course, some dents may take longer, depending on size and depth.

5. Allow the ice particles to melt, then wipe the surface dry with a paper towel.