Install Volkswagen Passat Cabin Air Conditioning Filter

The closest mannequin Volkswagen Passat features a cabin air filter. Located in the engine compartment (and not to be addled with the engine air filter), the cabin air filter maintains the feature of air inside the passenger cab. As any filter does after day and account, this cabin air filter can grow into clogged and ineffectual. Replacing the cabin air filter in the VW Passat is something much the mechanically challenged can achieve on their own. Spending money the filter every 15,000 miles or once a year; whichever happens first off.


1. Administer the hood to the VW Passat. Bargain the cabin air filter insert on the passenger-side cowling.

2. Pull outside the retaining screw of the cowling with the screwdriver. Remove the subsume by pulling it toward the front of the machine.

3. Loosen the cabin air filter from its housing to pull it absent. Push up on the front of the filter with your fingers, and then pull it gone once it is gratuitous. Notice the arrow indicator's position on the side of the filter.

Ally the cover back over the cabin air filter housing. Make sure to match the notches on the cover to the grooves in the housing.6.

4. Install the different cabin air filter into the filter housing matching the air flow progression indicated by the arrow on the side.5.

Replace the retaining screw on the cowling. Close the hood.