Install Carpowered Subs

Whether you already gain an amp installed in your vehicle, it's not as well dense to accept the following operation and hook up the subwoofer. Now you'll need to allow the speaker to get signal by connecting it to the amp via the speaker cable. Attach a spade connector or similar device to the end so that it will fit securely on the amp. Peel the casing off the wire with the wire strippers if necessary, but don't strip of any more than you have to. Then hook the opposite end to the speaker box.

1. Imagination to a machine audio shop and listen to the subwoofers they obtain available. Whether viable, good buy a store that and carries the amp you own so you can listen to them stable. Most shops Testament enjoy both parts absent on exposure. You don't chalk up to pay for your subwoofer at the shop. You may be able to bonanza a improved worth online (contemplate Funds). Simply take note of the brand and the model number.

2. Place your subwoofer in its enclosure if needed by simply putting it in the hole and screwing it down. If it doesn't fit easily, you've bought an enclosure of the inappropriate size. You'll have to back to the audio store and try again or order one that has a custom fit.

3. If your subwoofer did not come attached to an enclosure, solder the end of a speaker cable to the attached connectors and hook the other rend up the speaker. You might also want to stuff the enclosure with sound-dampening material. (This is a cotton-like substance that you'll find at the audio store.) It will help to get rid of any echoes and give your bass more power and a harder-hitting sound.

4. The antecedent item you want to create is appropriate a tape degree and halt the Timber extension you can dedicate to your subwoofer and its enclosure. Cut these numbers with you when you flying start looking into buying these parts.


5. Finally, turn on your radio and make sure that everything is working properly. If you have problems, it is usually because a connection is loose.