Fix A Window Seal

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Well-sealed windows are a clue Element in your habitat's impact efficiency.

Windows grant connatural blaze in your your, on the contrary there's a trade-off--they and grant force to flow absent. One road to administration pressure loss is to cause confident the seals are intact. A broken seal compromises the window's overall impact efficiency. Repairing a broken window seal is essentially the identical manner you would employment to glaze a window. The fossil window putty should be removed, and replaced with virgin data. Does this Glimmer an conception?


1. Scrape elsewhere the senile glazing putty with your putty ooloo. Remove as even of the elderly glazing putty as practicable.

2. Remove the window glass from the frame carefully. Clean the glass pane with a glass-cleaning product and a rag. Use a razor blade to scrape away any residual glazing putty or other contamination from the glass surface.

3. Roll window putty into a long, thin string approximately 1/8 to 1/16 inch thick. Work this putty around the inside edges of the window frame. Press the glass down firmly into the glazing putty.5. Press pea-sized balls of glazing putty around the edges of the window glass at 1-inch increments. Work these glazing points down with your putty knife, but take care not to damage the window glass.

Press the putty down into the window frame.4. Press the glass pane into the window frame.

6. Roll another long string of glazing putty. Fit this string of putty around the edges of the glass set within the window frame. Use your putty knife to flatten and smooth the glazing putty. Scrape away any excess glazing putty with your putty knife. Allow the putty to cure completely. Refer to the glazing putty manufacturer's instructions regarding dry time.

7. Lightly sand the glazing putty.

8. Paint the glazing putty with exterior house paint in the color of your choice, using a paintbrush.

9. Cut away any excess paint or glaze with a razor blade.