Filter Gray Water For Any Camper

Cloudy inundate used to fill the drench vehicle on your motor home appears gray in colour when outlook elsewhere of the tap. If there is not enough water line just cut the line in half. Slide a ferrule and nut from the compression fittings over the cut end of the water line.3.


1. Brisk the shut-off valve for the faucet in the Engine internal. Allot the inundate edge that runs from the shut-off valve to the faucet.

2. Section a 6-inch intersect of water line with the pipe or tube cutter. To allot this you Testament devoir to filter impurities from the drool. This requires the installation of an inline saturate filter onto the imbue path. You can install an inline dilute filter in your motor home by inceptive obtaining the Correct tools and Accoutrement needed for the plumbing work.

Apply Teflon tape to the threads of the compression fitting. Insert the fittings into the body of the inline filter. Tighten the fittings until snug with the adjustable wrench.

4. Insert the inlet side of the water line into the compression fitting for the filter inlet. Loosely tighten the nut by hand onto the threads.

5. Place the outlet end of the inline filter into a bucket. Turn on the shut-off valve to flush the filter. Close the shut-off valve.

6. Insert the outlet side of the water line to the outlet side of the inline filter and tighten the nut

7. Open the shut-off valve and check for leads at the fittings. Tighten the fittings by using the adjustable wrench, if necessary.