Driver Improvement Instructor Certification

On case, licensed drivers demand to return a refresher succession or "Chauffeur improvement" congregation that can support abbreviate accumulated traffic violation points very as comfort enable mature drivers to sharpen their skills. The American Car Society (AAA) besides as catch driving schools pass these classes, which are taught by territory certified driver improvement instructors.

Chauffeur improvement instructor certification is handled at the territory exact, which method that licensing requirements may vary somewhat from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In any contingency, the later are the universal requirements for receiving administration certification with obtain district requirements mentioned where befitting.

Go To School

Some states, including Virginia, want that a driver improvement instructor full coursework terminated a management approved institute inaugural to be certified as a driver improvement instructor. In Connecticut, instructor candidates must complete a 45-hour behind-the-wheel driving instructor course. In other states, candidates may already be licensed "behind the wheel" instructors who teach driving to new drivers.Your DMV will require you to fill out an application and pay a related fee to get certification. In Iowa, that fee is $40; in Nevada, the fee is $10 plus a $51.25 fingerprinting fee. Some states will conduct a criminal background check---if so, you may be charged a separate fee for that service, too.

In any case, your state may require you to take a separate exam before applying for driver improvement certification. Contact your state's Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) or related office for more information.

Fill Out Application

On your application, state for whom you will be instructing, such as passenger vehicle drivers or commercial drivers. Submit your completed form and pay your annual licensing fee. Your state will confirm that your personal driver's license is in good standing and that you do not have excessive points on your driver's record. Most states require instructors To possess reached a minimum age, which is 25 in Maine and 21 in Georgia.

Apply for Work

Once you receive certification, you may then apply for work through a state licensed business. Driving schools and AAA are among the enterprises offering courses; contact your local schools to memorize if they are hiring and what their instructor requirements are.


Driver improvement instructors provide an essential service by offering remedial instruction to experienced drivers who possess varying driving skills. You can help correct driver deficiencies and play a significant role in keeping our roadways safe.