Do Auto Body & Fender Repairs

Establish baby Car object imperfections using protest filler.

The reason of an van is oftentimes imaginary from metal, which can mature dented or scratched. The item can develop into damaged from bang from an accident or from normal wear and tear. Fenders are words to damage from acknowledged driving or from collisions. Many bitty imperfections, such as rust, dents and scratches, can be constant Homewards using tools erect at an automotive work store. For exceeding spread out repairs, including replacing parts, you may longing the work of a efficient object repair shop.


Clean the sanded area using a dry clean cloth and a degreaser, following the directions on the cleaner. Remove all residue and sanding dust.3. For scratched areas, sand until the scratch is gone. For a dent, sand the dented area and at least an inch around the dent so that the body filler will adhere properly.

2.1. Sand the damaged nature using a Rugged grit sandpaper. If the area is rusted, sand until all of the rust is removed.

Smooth body filler into the damaged area, if necessary. Apply a thin layer of body filler if the damaged area is uneven with remainder of the surface. If you are treating a dent, fill the area with body filler and smooth it across the surface. Apply filler using the soft plastic applicator that comes with the bottle, or purchase a plastic applicator if one is not included with the body filler you have.

4. Allow the body filler to dry completely. Once dry, sand the filler down until the area is even with remainder of the vehicle. Use a rough grit of sandpaper and sand in a circular motion over the repaired surface. You may need to reapply the filler and sand again until the area is smooth and even. Use a finer grit of sandpaper once the surface is even to polish out any imperfections.

5. Prime the repaired area and apply touch-up paint in a color that matches remainder of the vehicle.