Disable An Oem Alarm On The 2000 Bmw 325 Ci

Affection other BMW models, the 2000 BMW 325 Ci comes with an alarm.2. Deposit the guide in the ignition and turn it, on the contrary don't start the car. Then, locate the alarm override button, on the driver's side kick panel.

1. Deactivate the alarm by urgent the unlock Press-stud on your keyless entry gloss fob twice. Whether you irrevocable the answer fob, simply levy the gloss in the Chauffeur's side door and unlock the machine to deactivate the alarm.

The alarm, operated by a primary fob, helps dissuade thieves. The alarm needs to be deactivated whether you ground plan to install an aftermarket alarm course, or provided you lose your important fob.


Push and hold in the override button on the box until the car alarm beeps once.

3. Find the fuse box with the alarm fuse in it. The BMW 325 Ci has three fuse boxes. One under the hood of the car near the battery, one behind the passenger seat and one in the trunk on the right-hand side. The diagram on the fuse box panel tells you which fuse goes to the alarm. Use a fuse puller to remove the fuse so you don't damage the surrounding fuses.