Catback Exhaust Description

Cat-back systems are skilled for both potentiality and economy.

Cat-back exhaust systems can development horsepower, torque and fuel economy without affecting emissions whatsoever. Cat-backs acquire come to the forefront in do-it-yourself vehicle modifications for their effectiveness, compliance with sound laws and assist of installation. For the bucks, there's petty else you could arrange to appreciate your vehicle's performance and personality.


The X-pipe balances exhaust impulse between the two tubes, which is well-documented to cumulation horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency. X-pipes blend the engine bank's sound waves calm in a linear street, which wealth they tend to dish out the exhaust a smoother and bounteous "high-tech" exhaust notice than old-fashioned straight-balance pipes.

Sound Options

Many cars suggestion authorize for a figure of options to tune your vehicle's engine sign.

The side-exit exhaust systems universal with some muscle-car enthusiasts splits off from there and dumps directly in front of the rear wheels after passing washed-up a couple of mufflers. On the contrary, most cat-backs handle a U-shaped riser tube that goes over the rear axle to associate to a high-flowing muffler endure the bumper.

Crossover Options

Whether your engine is "V" configured (V6, V8, V10 or V12) with two catalytic converters, a cat-back system Testament generally encompass a crossover X-pipe that bolts directly to the cats."Cat-back" is short for "catalytic converter back," which comprises every quota of your exhaust transaction other than the catalytic converter(s) and exhaust manifold(s). Catalytic converters are generally as fast to the exhaust manifolds as viable, and many are attached directly to them, gist that cat-back systems in some cars can produce nearly the comprehensive exhaust method.


A cat-back manner consists of a meaningful cylinder that bolts directly the the converter(s), which runs under the motorcar from there to the rear axle.

One of these options comprise resonators, which are essentially small mufflers that help to dampen high-frequency sound waves before they get to the main muffler(s). Many aftermarket resonators are essentially straight through glasspacks (aka "cherry bombs") that absorb drone before it has a chance to vibrate the muffler.


One reason that cat-backs are so popular with the DIY crowd is that they're generally very easy to install. Almost all exhaust systems either bolt to the catalytic converter(s) or slip-fit with an exhaust clamp. The rest of the system is suspended by metal hangars that will usually slip right out of the rubber exhaust system isolators, so the system is almost always going to be a two- to three-hour "bolt-in" procedure. The worst-case scenario is that you might have to cut the stock exhaust system into pieces in order to remove it, but such a procedure can take but a few minutes with a reciprocating saw and/or grinder.