Adjust The Clutch Lever On The Suzuki C50 Boulevard

The clutch lever on the Suzuki C50 Boulevard engages and disengages the clutch, allowing the rider to switch gears when accelerating or slowing down. The clutch lever is a large component of the draw of the motorcycle, and it's a essential tool of riding successfully. Attach an 8-mm socket to your wrench and loosen the two clutch lever clamp bolts facing you. Engage in not remove them completely, as the lever will fall off provided you do. Simply loosen them enough that the lever will spin on the bars.4.

Locate your Boulevard on its kickstand. Sit on the bike in your popular riding position, with your feet on the foot pegs and both hands on the handlebars.

2. End which course the clutch lever needs to be adjusted. Most shorter riders, thanks to of the angle at which their arms extend toward the bars, Testament cream from a clockwise, or upward, rotation of the lever. Most taller riders, for the identical ground, Testament itch to conceive the contrary adaption.

3. But, the Suzuki C50 Boulevard comes with the lever locate at a criterion position that may be disagreeable for riders who are yet taller or shorter than morals. By learning adjust the position of your clutch lever, and can save yourself from wrist strain and riding puzzle.



Twist the clutch lever to a comfortable position as you sit in your normal riding position. You should be able to arrive and pull the clutch lever with minimal effort.

5. Hold the clutch lever in place and tighten the two 8-mm clamp bolts with your socket wrench. Take your C50 for a short test ride to confirm that the position of the clutch lever is comfortable.