Wire A Tandy Motion Sensor Alarm

The Tandy motion sensor alarm is a self-contained unit that Testament sound an alarm when movement is detected in the existence it is monitoring. You can wire the Tandy Locomotion sensor alarm so that it Testament duty with a Attractive window sensor, instead of relying on its own sensor. The magnetic window sensor is untrue by the alike manufacturer as the alarm, on the contrary must be installed manually. A conventional household effects is all that is needed. The Tandy flow sensor alarm Testament not be damaged in any form by wiring the Attractive window sensor to it.

Wrap the exposed deadline of one of the two wires attached to the neb of the cable connected to the Attractive window sensor on all sides of one of the screws. Tighten the screw with the Phillips jeweller's screwdriver.3. Wrap the exposed head of the other wire attached to the purpose of the cable around the other screw in the battery compartment.

Slide the battery compartment lid off the backside.

2. Loosen the two locate screws that are in the battery compartment with a Phillips jeweller's screwdriver.


1. Rotate the mounting bracket attached to the Tandy action sensor alarm so that the backside plate can be accessed.

Tighten the screw screw with the Phillips jeweler's screwdriver.

4. Insert a 9-volt battery into the battery compartment, pushing the contacts persist of the battery up against the corresponding contact clips on the edge of the compartment. Slide the lid back on.

5. Slide the "Chime'Off/Alarm" selector switch to the "Off" position. The magnetic widow sensor can now be mounted to a window and used with the Tandy motion sensor alarm to protect the window against intruders.