Trobleshoot and fix A 2006 Pt Cruiser Not Beginning

A automobile interpretation won't turn the ignition whether it is very worn.

The PT Cruiser underwent cosmetic and performance modifications in 2006. Nevertheless at the end the dewy features of the 2006 PT Cruiser, it yet has the corresponding basic type of petrol engine as most cars. The engine requires distinct other components to donkeywork properly in succession to begin. Provided the PT Cruiser doesn't foundation, it's quite easily done for any motorcar owner to troubleshoot parts of the poser, such as a dead battery or absence of fuel. Other problems may want extra expertise and want a mechanic's interview.



1. Trial to peep whether your ignition main is worn. Provided it is, essay starting the vehivle with a spare material.

2. Proceeding the steering rotate from side to side while trying to turn the major. This Testament advice force on the steering circle lock provided the wheels are locked to one side.

Check your ignition switch and wiring. There may be a short or other electrical fault.10. Check your starter solenoid for loose or broken wires. Even without loose wiring, your starter solenoid or starter motor could be faulty.

Won't Crank

4. A little gas in the tank might solve your problem.

Check your fuel level. You may simply be out of gas.

5. Check your oil level. Your car won't run with too little oil. If your car has been running with low oil and will not start because of this, you may have done serious damage to your engine.

6. Check your battery cables and battery charge if your key turns but nothing else happens.

7. Switch an automatic PT Cruiser into neutral while holding the brake, and then try to begin it. If this starts the car, you'll need to repair or replace your neutral safety switch.

8. Push down the clutch full in a standard transmission PT Cruiser and try to begin the car. If the car starts, have the clutch pedal switch repaired or replaced.

9.3. Evaluation the ignition switch. It may be worn, clogged with dirt or malfunctioning for another apprehension. You false require a known mechanic to service this part if you are inexperienced or uncomfortable with car maintenance.

The most accurate way to test these components on a PT Cruiser requires removal of the starter. So if you suspect the starter, you may need to contact a professional mechanic if you are inexperienced with starter maintenance.

11. Replace your starter if you hear a clicking noise when you turn the key and you have a fully charged battery.

12. Check your fuel system if the car cranks but still won't start. The fuel pump or relay may be malfunctioning or a fuel filter could be badly clogged. A problem in the fuel system may be a simple filter under the hood, or it can be a fuel pump that requires the gas tank to be accessed.