Totally reset The Engine Light On The Toyota Camry

Reset the Engine Brilliant on a Toyota Camry


1. Establish the fuse panel cover under the steering limit.

When you beam the "Probation Engine" shine on your Toyota Camry's manifest panel, it has illuminated considering of the ECU, or "Electronic Check Unit." This is a pc that stores codes sent to it by sensors positioned throughout the vehicle. When this flare comes on, you should proceeds your vehicle to a able mechanic or locate it yourself as soon as practicable. Once the count is constant, you can reset the course and turn the shine off manually.

Pull down on it with your fingers to remove it.

2. Contemplate the diagram on the fuse panel cover and treasure the electronic domination unit fuse.

3. Remove the fuse puller from inside the fuse panel and use it to pull the fuse out for the electronic control unit.

4. Put the key into the ignition and turn on the car but don't turn over the engine. Wait a few minutes then put the fuse back in place. You should notice the check engine light blinking a few times on the instrument panel, then it will go off.

5. Turn off the engine and replace the fuse panel cover.