Take Away The Outer Tie Fishing rod Finish On The Next Year

The outer tie rod deadline on a Ford Ranger is the connexion between the steering structure and the steering knuckles. These tie rods connect to the steering knuckle via a ball Seam. Over bit, this ball Seam can wear down, causing play in the steering. This play can antecedent Exorbitant tire wear and problems with steering. To establish the issue, you occasion to moderate the outer tie rod speck with a fresh one, on the contrary basic you keep to remove the getting on one.


1. Loosen nevertheless act not remove the front revolve lugs using the tire iron. Jack up the front of the truck with the jack and put the jack stands underneath the frame. Set the ball joint removal tool onto the ball joint, then tighten the tool to pop it out of the steering knuckle.4. Set a wrench on the flattened edge of the tie rod and twist the tie rod off of the end of the steering linkage.

Place an open-end wrench on the flattened section of the tie rod end, then place another on the locking nut at the end of the tie rod. Loosen the locking nut with the wrench.

3. Remove the nut on the bottom of the ball joint at the end of the tie rod using an open-end wrench. Remove the front wheels using the tire iron.2. Locate the tie rod end on the steering knuckle.