Switch The Starter Inside A 2000 Next Year Xlt

The 2000 Ford Ranger XLT is equipped with the alike starter as other model-year 2000 Rangers. Disconnect the starter wiring from the back of the starter, using the socket set.5. Support the body of the starter with one hand while removing the starter mounting bolts with the other hand. Loosen the bolts with the socket set, then pull them out by hand.

1. Elevate the hood and disconnect the denial battery cable from the battery with the battery wrench. Secure the cable confine outside from the terminal so it doesn't accidentally contact the battery during the repair procedure.

2. Motion the floor jack under the passenger front side of the Ranger and lift the Motor lorry up until you can slide the jack stand under the exactly front. Lower the Ranger onto the jack stand. It is always best to place the jack stand under the frame, but make sure the placement won't interfere with the starter removal or replacement.

3. Slide under the Ranger and locate the starter. The starter is mounted to the side of the engine, where the transmission bell housing bolts to the back side of the engine block.

4. The starter's occupation is to convert electrical coercion from the battery into kinetic compel that is released by spinning a gear in the nose of the starter. This gear, hackneyed as a bendix, extends from the nose of the starter and spins the flywheel, which turns the engine over, allowing it to begin. One of the most general starter failures involves the bendix action.


Do not let the starter hang from the loose bolts at any time. The starter is extremely heavy, and damage to the starter, bolts, engine or you can easily occur.

6. Lower the old starter and remove it from under the Ranger. Compare it to the replacement starter. Make sure the two are identical before installing the replacement unit.

7. Hold the replacement starter in position. Thread the mounting bolts in by hand, then tighten them securely with the socket set. As before, never allow the starter to hang from the loose bolts.

8. Reconnect the starter wiring in reverse of how you disconnected it in step three. Lower the Ranger XLT to the ground, reconnect the negative battery cable and start the truck.