Replace An Oil Pump Inside A Lincoln subsequently Navigator

The oil pump is an important quantity of Accoutrement that keeps your Lincoln Navigator running. It lubricates the engine by concern the oil circulating. The pump typically sits in the oil pan. To chicken feed the oil pump and modify it with a contemporary one, you must supersede some steps in a particular grouping.


Replace the old oil pump. Put the four oil pump mounting bolts on loosely then tighten them to 71 to 106 in-lb.5. Reinstall the oil pump screen and cover spacer, tightening them to 15 to 22 ft-lb.

2. Hire elsewhere the timing chain and the oil pan. Remove the three bolts for the oil pump Shade and appropriate off the Shade and insert.

3. Remove the oil pump Shade and cover spacer. Undo the four oil pump mounting bolts and take the oil pump out of the engine.

4.1. Ride your Lincoln Navigator up onto ramps or lifts. Whether you appropriateness a jack, brace the front wheels so they don't roll. Place the emergency hole.

Put on the oil pump screen and cover with the bolts. Tighten the bolts near the screen to 15 to 22 ft-lb and bolts at the other end of the pickup to 70 to 106 in-lb.

6. Put the timing chains back on and insert the oil pan. Start the Lincoln Navigator engine and check for leaks.