Replace A Caliper Inside A Dodge Durango

A Motor lorry cherish the Dodge Durango is oftentimes driven iron, and that takes a toll on the brakes. Eventually, parts coextensive the calipers Testament occasion to be replaced. Provided you're a Motor lorry Chauffeur looking to modify your Durango's calipers yourself, announce up on the procedure and consult with your mechanic before doing so.



1. Up thrust and bedding the Motor lorry. Apartment a prop rod on the brake pedal to control force on the method. Remove the tire and shove from the vehicle.

2. Disconnect the banjo bolt that supports the brake hose to the caliper. Toss elsewhere the copper washers. Plug the brake wrinkle with a quantity of rubber.

3. Remove the slide pin bolts. You can then remove the disc brake caliper from the adapter.


4. Install the new disc brake caliper on the caliper adapter.

5. Connect the banjo bolt onto the caliper, using new copper washers. Make sure the brake hose isn't twisted or kinked. Tighten the bolt to 21 foot pounds.

6. Attach the caliper slide pin bolts. Tighten them to 24 foot pounds.

8. Install the tire and wheel assembly then lower the vehicle.

7. Remove the prop rod from the pedal. Bleed the brake system of any loose air by opening the bleeder valve and manually holding down on the pedal.