Replace A 2005 Ford Taurus Driver Side Mirror

The replacement Chauffeur's side mirror for a 2005 Ford Taurus is expensive, if used or dissimilar. You can boast some inexpensive aftermarket mirrors on the Internet and save some banknote by installing it yourself, using a couple of household tools and a telescopic lodestone.


1. Plain the Chauffeur's door and authority down the window all the habitude. Turn the ignition off to close off potentiality to the door.

2. Establish the corner moulding inside the door panel that covers the side opening mirror and gently pry it off with the flat-head screwdriver or a minor angled pry bar. The panel snaps into the door frame, and there's a lip at the backside that inserts into the window cavity. Pry the panel on a couple of altered angles to Proceeds it from the frame, then lift it up to extract the lip from the window cavity.

3. Tighten with the socket afterward.7. Plug the mirror plug back into the wire harness and tuck the wire back inside the door/window cavity out of the way. Test the power to the mirror to see if it's working properly.

Remove the three foam plugs (if applicable) covering the mirror stud nuts by pulling them out by hand.

5. Remove the three mirror stud nuts using the ratchet, extension and a socket. Place the telescopic magnet alongside the socket to help prevent the nut from falling out of the socket and into the door/window cavity.

6. Remove the old mirror. Insert the new mirror and thread on the nuts, using the extension and socket in your hand. Be careful not to cross-thread the nuts. Reach inward inside the large hole in the center under the panel and locate the wire harness to the mirror. Use the screwdriver or pry bar to press in the lock clip and unplug the mirror wire from the harness.4.

Replace the foam plugs (if applicable), replace the panel, roll the window back up and close the door.