Repair A Semi Tire

It is formidable to propel a vehivle with a punctured tire, on the other hand it is all the more besides so when the vehicle is a semi Motor lorry carrying as even as 80,000 pounds, including the freight. Owing to semis commutation on interstate highways at high rise rates of velocity, a puncture or still a slow leak may be fatal not one to the Chauffeur on the contrary to other drivers near the Motor lorry. For this intellection it is vital that semi drivers and those who impel with them comprehend repair a tire.


1. Grassland the semi with the puncture aim facing upward. You may need to move slightly forward or backward in order to receive the puncture on top.

2. Grip the item that entered the tire with pliers and pull firmly upward to remove it. Twist the item back and forth if you have difficulty getting it to move.

4. Test the rasp in the hole for a proper fit. You should meet resistance, but not so much that the tool doesn't move. Twist the rasp around in circles as you move it up and down to file and smooth down the walls of the hole.

3. Clear the hole so it is big enough to accommodate the rasp from the kit, by inserting a power drill into the puncture and widening the hole. You may need to use more than one size bit and work up slowly to receive the hole big enough.

5. Thread one of the plug strings from the kit through the eye persist of the rasp, leaving equal lengths of the plug hanging from both sides.

6. Hold the ends of the plug up and push the eye into the hole in the tire. Keep pushing until the handle of the tool is touching the tire.

7. Pull the tool up and out of the tire and stop pulling just as the eye comes out. Use a razor to chop the plug string as close to the tire as possible.