Remove A Rust Stain From The Vehicle

Rust can mellow on a machine for any numeral of reasons. If caused by a above Car accident or erosion, anything that somehow penetrates buttoned up the machine's protective Stop to the naked metal below can end the metal to oxidize or rust. Rust Testament carry forward to spread provided not removed quickly and completely. Everything you devoir to remove a rust stain from a vehivle, with the imaginable exception of a motorized grinder, should be available from an Car parts store.


1. Seal off your automobile's windows and air intakes with painter's tape. This Testament assist prevent dust from colouring and rust getting into the vehicle.

2. Involve any tool of the vehicle you don't intend to remove rust from with a tarp or plastic sheeting and secure the tarp or sheeting in distance with extended painter's tape.

3. Custom a motorized grinder with a 150-grit sanding trundle to remove paint, primer and light rust from the work area. Try to leave a smooth transition surface between the ground and unground areas.

4. Remove thicker rust with a metal grinding wheel on the motorized grinder. Proceed carefully because careless use of this metal grinding wheel could remove significant chunks of your car.

5. Apply phosphoric acid, which should be available in most auto parts stores, to the ground-down area to remove any remaining rust particles.

6. Apply auto body primer to the bare surface.9. Spray auto body paint onto the primed surface and allow to dry.

Fill in any pits or major dents with an auto body filler product like Bondo (see Resources).7. Hand sand over the ground-down and/or filled-in area with 120-grit sandpaper.8.