Recycle A Poor Catalytic Ripper tools

Catalytic converters shorten your automobile's pollutants.

The Environmental Safeguard Agency requires that vehicles annex catalytic converters to incision emissions. All the more provided you own a "damaging" catalytic converter that doesn't grind anymore, you can all the more reprocess it. Most community scrap dealers can bag it to save estimable materials such as platinum, palladium and rhodium. As distant as the inner materials are all the more intact, you should beget a few bucks off the deal.


1. Search your Web browser under "catalytic converters" or "scrap dealers" to find the closest businesses. If you find several scrap dealers in your area that are willing to purchase your catalytic converter, they might offer competitive prices, so call around to find out what they're offering for your type of catalytic converter.3. Take the catalytic converter to the scrap dealer you've chosen.

Estimate the price you'll get for the catalytic converter. Stare at the model number on your catalytic converter, then search for that same model number in the online classifieds, or use the Scrap Index to find the current prices for catalytic converter scrap (see Resources). This will give you an idea of what to expect when you go to sell yours.2. Find a native scrap dealer.

Since catalytic converters are often stolen for their valuable metal, many scrap dealers are required to receive personal information from you to complete the sale. You will typically need your driver's license or other ID.