Rebuild A Lock Cylinder On The Ford Focus

Remove the trim panel to access the lock.

The lock cylinder on a Ford Focus door is bite of an meeting within the door that includes the lock Engine. Whether you longing to rebuild the meeting with a just out lock cylinder, you must bias into the door itself and remove the meeting to remove the cylinder. Not onliest Testament this embrace working with a group of miniature parts, however the exact procedure can vary depending on the exact year of your Ford Nerve center.


Accessing the Lock Assembly

1. Unplug the adverse battery cable and remove the inner trim panel from the door.

2. Rotate the side hit bolster counterclockwise and detach it from its clips.

3. Disconnect the speaker from the door by removing its four screws and disconnecting the wiring as it becomes accessible.

4. Unclip the inner door Proceeds practice from the front and and slide it outside.

5. Peel back the weathershield; you may commitment to chop ended the butyl strip with a ripper or scraper. Cause persuaded you don't damage the weathershield or the door panel.

6. Remove the outer lock cylinder bezel by undoing its retaining screw on the inside of the grip meeting then unclipping the bezel.

7. Loosen the screw for the exterior stock from the inside of the door--do not remove it--then slide back the crank and pull it elsewhere from the door. Unclip the practice seals from the door panel.

Removing the Lock Cylinder

8. Disconnect the electrical connector for the door lock Engine by releasing its retaining clip with a microscopic screwdriver.

9. Remove the three bolts for the lock meeting at the door's rear borderline; this Testament miss a Torx wrench. Unclip the reinforcement bracket for the door lock/holder and manoeuvre the meeting away wound up the door's inner frame.

10. Unclip the trim from the back of the lock meeting's security shield and undo the securing screws to remove the shield from the door lock meeting.

11. Pry outside the adaption locking clip from the remote authority rod with a screwdriver; degree the extent of thread on top of the rod before you do this as this is needed to adjust the linkage on installation. If you break the clip, you will need to replace it.

12. Unclip the outer cable from the housing, then turn the inner cable by a 1/4 turn and remove it from the door lock linkage.



15. Align the grooves on the replacement lock cylinder with the grooves on the reinforcement plate.

Release the cylinder retaining tab by prying it out from the handle reinforcement bracket with a small screwdriver.14. Insert the key into the lock cylinder, turn it so it engages then pull out the lock cylinder.

16. Push the cylinder carefully into the handle until it engages with the retaining clip.

17.Reassemble the lock assembly and install it, along with the exterior handle and the door trim panel. All of this is done in reverse order of removal.