Read Obd2 Codes

Thanks to 1996, every automobile manufactured has been required To possess an Onboard Diagnostic manner by statute. This operation monitors a automobile's performance and Testament alert the Chauffeur when it detects any problems. The codes can be downloaded and peruse with an OBD2 decree reader or recorded with the guidance of the "Check Engine" fluorescent on the dashboard and a jumper wire.


Use an OBD2 Code Reader

1. Buy an OBD2 reader from a website prize OBD Codes (examine Means below). OBD2 readers are available as personal handheld readers or expert readers for Car technicians. Personal readers are less complicated however Testament create the duty of retrieving and translating the OBD2 codes.

2. Connect the OBD2 reader to your automobile. Fix the 16-pin female connector inside your automobile, which is most potential in the foot bright-eyed of the Chauffeur's side. Link the law reader to the connector with the adapter cable.

3. Wait for the reader to initialize. The edict reader Testament analysis your van's pc to find out what protocol to use and then connect. Once the reader has connected, it will read the codes given by the computer and display it.

4. Check your service manual for an interpretation of the code. Although some personal OBD2 code readers, like Innova's Digital Canobd2 Tool and the Canscan K900 Code Reader, are equipped to display the definitions of the codes, others are not. The flashes will be long for the first digit, short for the second digit and blank if the digit is 0.7. Record all the codes given. The "Check Engine" light will display the codes in sequence and then keep repeating them in order.

Locate the 16-pin data link connector. Connect the jump wire to terminals 4 and 9 of the connector. Turn the key to the "On" position without starting the engine.

6. Watch the "Check Engine" light. This light will begin to flash in specific patterns to denote a 1- or 2-digit Diagnostic Trouble Code. Low-end personal code readers will only display the code generated by your car's computer.

Read the Diagnostic Trouble Codes Without an OBD2 Code Reader


Refer to your repair manual to check for the meaning of the codes.