Pontiac Grand Prix Drivetrain Warranty Information

Pontiac Grand Prix Drivetrain Warranty Clue

Although Public Motors ceased Industry of the Pontiac Grand Prix in 2008, Grand Prix owners are much entitled to the entire drivetrain warranty that comes customary on all GM vehicles. The drivetrain warranty insures that you are protected from the malfunctioning of any of the hefty components of your Grand Prix. In addition, the drivetrain warranty encompasses all aspects of the work done to your car. You will not be responsible for any out-of-pocket costs for repairs.

The Facts

Drivetrain warranties cover major repairs in the event that something substantial should go wrong with the vehicle. Some parts included in the drivetrain warranty are the engine, transmission, and drive axels. These parts are expensive for consumers to replace, and thus a good drivetrain warranty provides a high level of security for car buyers. Pontiac currently offers a five-year/100,000-mile drivetrain warranty on all vehicles. Drivetrain warranties are sometimes referred to as "powertrain" warranties.

Grand Prix owners may need to travel further to have their drivetrain warranties serviced, however, since 1,550 GM dealerships have closed their doors.


If you notice problems with your Grand Prix, have it looked at immediately. Even if you believe those problems are minor and probably not related to the drivetrain, it simply is not worth the risk to ignore them. If you ignore an issue with your Grand Prix and the issue gets worse, GM can refuse to honor your warranty based on "misuse". The parts covered by the drivetrain warranty are expensive, and it is well worth your time to take the car in for service rather than be forced to finance repairs on your own.


If your Grand Prix needs repairs and is still covered by the factory warranty, call GM at 1-800-762-2737 and explain the situation. Give the representative you speak with your name, the car's VIN number, and the dealership where you plan on taking the vehicle to have it serviced. The GM representative will grant you pre-approval to have repairs done on the car. Ideally the car should go to the same dealership where it was purchased for repairs, but if that is not possible, any GM dealership will perform the necessary repairs on your car. The drivetrain warranty on your Grand Prix does not come with a deductible. Nor should you have to pay for any diagnostic tests done to the car.


Many Grand Prix owners have discovered that, in the wake of GM's bankruptcy filing in June 2009, finding a GM dealership nearby to honor their drivetrain warranties is a challenge. Steve Harris, the vice president of global communications for GM, has stated that at no point will GM warranties and extended warranties cease to be honored. Even though GM no longer makes the Grand Prix, parts for the car will continue to be available for a long time to come.


A 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix carries a drivetrain warranty for five years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. The drivetrain warranty is included with every Grand Prix manufactured in 2007 and 2008--the last two years the Grand Prix was in production. The same extended drivetrain warranty is available on Grand Prix models dating back to 2004 provided that the vehicles are GM certified used cars.The drivetrain warranty is transferable; if you sell the car and the car is still covered under the original warranty, the new owner will be protected as well. A Grand Prix built prior to 2004 is no longer eligible to be covered under a factory warranty due to age, but an aftermarket warranty can still be purchased on the car.