Place Weld Having A Vehicle Battery

Spot Weld With a Vehivle Battery

Packing for an off-road Digression? Envisage putting well-organized a welding apparatus for broken brackets, ATV tubing and suspension parts that Testament bring an off-road vehicle to a halt. Once broken, getting a vehicle back at rest may be impossible unless you can repair the damage. Battery cables, an electrode "stinger" and welding rods Testament let you spot weld with a machine battery whether you discern how. Connecting machine batteries well-organized can bestow you Sufficiently voltage to burn the welding rod and associate well-organized the parts that are broken.


1. Arrange three 12- or 16-volt van batteries within span of the broken parts that entail to be repaired. Placed on a exact surface, the batteries must be handout from douse and debris while welding. Disinfected the broken metal parts with a wire brush. Remove as yet dirt and dye as likely from the areas to be welded. Practice additional pieces of metal to make a bracket whether two metal parts cannot be welded directly well-organized by reason of of damage. Disinfected the added counsel completely before you spot weld with a vehivle battery.

2. Connect the ground cable to the no. 3 battery's affirmative advise. Connect a shorter battery cable to the no. 3 battery's denying display and to battery no. 2's convinced publish. Connect a short battery cable to battery no. 2's contravening proclaim, and connect it to battery no. 1's trustworthy proclaim. Stop the battery succession by connecting the welding withe to battery no. 1's adverse assign. The batteries are immediately joined in equal. Rather than one considerable battery that produces 12 or 16 volts of energy, the three batteries Testament be producing 36 or 48 volts of welding potentiality. You can benefit a voltmeter to trial how even function is continuance produced. Once a weld has started, move the electrode down the length of the seam steadily and with enough control and speed to melt the seam together evenly. Using a car battery to spot weld does not produce the best results. Remember to repair the broken parts enough to receive the vehicle home for a professional fix later.

Use the ground clamp to grasp the frame of the vehicle near the repair. Make sure that you are connecting the ground wire so that when the welding wand and electrode are touched to the repair surface, the electric current can flow through the metal parts to the ground clamp. Without a closed circuit using both the welding wand and the ground clamp, welding cannot be accomplished. Clamp the ground as close to the repair as possible without obstructing the area that needs to be welded. Touching the ground clamp with the welding rod will only weld the ground clamp and not the area that needs repair.

4. Put on heavy gloves and eye protection. Brazing goggles can be worn if the protective glass has been exchanged for welding-grade protective shielding. Brazing goggles do not have a welding-grade protective glass to shield the eyes from damage. If a welding hood is not something you want to bring with you on your trip, use brazing goggles and welding glass during off-road spot welding with a car battery. Insert a welding rod into the stinger wand and tighten. Cover your eyes with the protective welding glass and goggles and touch the electrode in the stinger to the repair. If the electrode produces enough power to start to weld, it will produce a bright electric spark and stick to the metal it has melted. Now the repair can begin.

5. Weld a bracket over the broken framing or join metal parts directly on the off-road vehicle. Hold the piece in position and tap the welding rod to the edges of the metal where they meet. You must hold the welding rod steady in place long enough for the two metals to be melted and the electrode to cause the joining of the repair metals and the elements of the welding rod. Fair-minded call the metre leads to touch the ground cable and the welding baton "stinger" to receive a voltage reading. Thirty-eight volts is abundance of power to spot weld with a car battery as the power supply.3. Connect the ground cable to the frame of the vehicle being repaired.