Obtain A Driver'S Permit In Florida

The management of Florida offers a lasting and effortless transition for switching your Chauffeur's licence from your previous state.6. Nominate to become an organ donor at this time, if you so choose. You will be asked to fill out a donor packet.7. Being a driver in florida is now more convenient than ever.


1. Locate your local DMV office. Call ahead to be sure of their hours and times of operations.

2. Notify the agent that you are applying for a Florida Driver's license. You will be asked to surrender your previous state license.

3. Provide your birth certificare and current proof of address. You can provide a light bill, cable bill, or auto insurance claim to establish proof of residence.

4. Pass the state eye examination.Let the DMV know if you operate your vehicle with eye glasses or not.

5. Pay the required fee by check, credit card, or cash.

As a new resident or a new driver, getting behind the wheel can be an easy process with limited confusion and headaches. The state of Florida has set its expiration dates in five year intervals. Your driver's license status can also be tracked online.

Receive your new license after taking your picture and signing your license.