Kentucky Nofault Insurance Law

The Kentucky society legislature enacted no-fault insurance laws in 1974.

Kentucky has been a no-fault insurance country owing to The middle of summer 1, 1975 when the Engine Vehicle Reparations Naked truth became forcible. Legislators stated the Fact's head was to supply "immediate value to victims," "immediate medical treatment and rehabilitation," and "wage loss benefits." They and famous the liability transaction caused "bargaining and litigation...delay, expense, aggravation, inconvenience, inequities and uncertainties." Bills seeking to amend the charter in favour of insurance companies get been proposed three times thanks to its inception.

Definition of No-fault Insurance

No-fault insurance coverage provides payments for medical expenses and missing Salary directly related to the accident. The dimensions of the expenditure is based on the terms of the policy. It does not incident who was at misapprehension.According to the Kentucky Chauffeur's Volume, residents must corner a minimum of $25,000/$50,000 in liability coverage for injuries resulting from an accident and $10,000 for Belongings damage. A vehicle owner may shop for a unmarried contour policy with a liability of at least $60,000. The Driver's Manual also states that "liability insurance policies must provide a minimum of $10,000 no-fault personal-injury coverage." PIP coverage Testament remuneration your medical bills until you extent the coverage string. Once the decision-making Chauffeur's insurance partnership settles, your insurance company must be reimbursed the PIP sums expended on your behalf.

Coverage Amounts

No-fault insurance is too accepted as Personal Injury Safeguard (PIP), Basic Reparation Benefits (BRB) or Optional Basic Economic Loss (OBEL) in other states. Moreover to the medical payments, no-fault coverage as well includes the replacement or repair of the damaged vehicle. The payments are untrue by the insurance partnership that insured the vehicle in which you were a passenger or the Chauffeur. Under the complete coverage insurance offered in most states, the Chauffeur at wrong in the accident is devolving on for all related reparations.

No-fault Insurance Limitations

If an individual sustains minor injuries, his right to file a lawsuit in a no-fault state is limited. According to an article published by the Crocker Law Offices, if you are insured with the standard $10,000 no-fault insurance coverage, you can file suit if your medical expenses or lost wages exceed $10,000. The article states that, "those damages (losses) are part of your liability claim along with other damages not covered by PIP, such as pain and suffering, future medical expenses, and future impairment of your ability to work."

Uninsured Drivers

If an uninsured driver is involved in a motor vehicle accident, he will be required to pay the accident-related expenses himself. If a judgment for accident-related damages is entered against him, his driver's license will be suspended for 15 years or until the judgment has been satisfied.


Under Title 16, Chapter 187.990, choosing to forge or sign evidence of proof of financial responsibility without actually having insurance can lead to a fine of up to $1,000, imprisonment of up to a year or both. Any party who suspects the proof of financial responsibility is a forgery or false but permits its filing can face the same penalties.