Items To Check When Vehicle Doesn't Start

Matters to Evaluation When Automobile Does Not Commence

There's crumb fairly alike the excitability of jumping in the vehivle to life somewhere solitary to jewel that when you turn the key--nothing. Nowadays's computerized cars are less possible to actuality starting disquiet than ever before, nevertheless from lifetime to lifetime it Testament even happen. Cognizant what to analysis for can satisfy you back on the method amassed quickly than calling a mechanic or a tow Motor lorry to comfort you away. That may much keep to happen, nevertheless you should comprehend provided it's essential before you effect.

Key Won't Turn

Provided you include inserted your fundamental alone to get it that it Testament not turn in the ignition, then there may be a couple of at variance explanations.

Will Not Fire

If your car will crank normally, but will not fire up then the battery and starter are not causing the problems.Check your gas gauge to be sure you have fuel in the car. This obvious problem has been the cause of such a problem on more than one occasion.

Sometimes if the car has been parked with the wheels turned far to one side, there may be too much pressure on the steering lock for the key to turn, according to

If you suspect this is the problem, grab the wheel and try turning the wheels toward a straight position. Try turning the key while you do this and the change in pressure should allow the key to begin the car.

Does Not Crank

If you hear a clicking sound when you turn the key, a rapid ticking or nothing at all then you may have one of several problems.

To diagnose the problem, turn the interior light on and try the ignition again. If the interior light dims when the key is turned, then it is likely that your battery is dead. You will need to receive a jump to the nearest auto parts store or replace the battery where it is.

If the lights do not dim when you turn the key, then the battery is not likely the problem.

Check to make sure your car is in neutral in an automatic transmission or that the clutch is pushed all the way down on a standard transmission. If this does not fix the problem, the issue is most likely either with the ignition switch, the wiring, the starter motor or the solenoid.

Pull the vital outside and Stare at it. Compose positive you are using the fair important and that it has not been bent gone of shape. Obviously, if you are using the wrong key you need to receive the correct one. If it is the correct key, but it has been bent, you will need to either straighten it out or use a spare.

Assuming you have fuel, you will need to test the plug wires for spark with a spark tester. These devices can be purchased at most auto parts stores and are easy to use.

As a next step, turn the key on without cranking the car and listen carefully for the sound of the fuel pump. If you do not hear anything, it is possible that the fuel pump has gone out and will need to be repaired.

This problem could also be related to timing belt if a compression test reveals low pressure on the engine's cylinders.